Bohol’s innovation community is coming together for this event!

Give our sponsors some love. Without them, this event wouldn’t be possible! They are amazing organizations who believe in the potential of Boholano talent and are willing to invest in the growth of this talent by supporting grassroots communities like Sprout Up Bohol and programs like Techstars Startup Weekend Bohol. Again, we are truly grateful for their involvement and hope that they see what amazing opportunities the tech talents in our island can bring.

logo of Tagbilaran Uptwon Realty corporation. It's the silhouette of 5 skyscrapers with a curving letter U beneath it

Tagbilaran Uptown Realty Corporation

Leading the development of Bohol’s 1st IT Park which is also a PEZA-accredited zone, Tagbilaran Uptown Realty is committed to the development of infrastructure that can generate information technology-related jobs in the island.


Help.NGO is an International Non-Governmental Organization part of the UN Standby Partnership Network, dedicated to transforming emergency response, preparedness, and risk mitigation across the globe. With its foundation solidly laid within the European Union as a recognized non-profit, it spans international operations, employing state-of-the-art technological innovations and deep-rooted expertise.

MAD Services

MAD Services, a consultancy, employs SMEs from government, NGO, and global sectors to foster rapid innovation, design, testing, iteration, and deployment of various systems and solutions in tech and logistics. As a key partner of Help.NGO, it drives industry advancements, blending expertise for impactful outcomes across global challenges.